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A Needle in The Binding: An Archive for The Prisoner’s Section of The Nablus Municipality

Beatrice Catanzaro (2011 Grant Honorary Mention)

The prisoner’s book section of the Nablus Municipality Library hosts approximately 8000 books read by Palestinian political prisoners between 1972 and 1995 and 870 handwritten notebooks. These were part of the political detainees’ libraries of two Israeli prisons in the West Bank in Nablus and surrounding. Both jails were closed down in the aftermaths of the Oslo Agreement and books and notebooks were collected by the Palestinian Authorities and donated to the Municipality Library in 1995. A needle in the binding – an archive for The Prisoner’s Section of the Nablus Municipality Library, consist of generating an on-line open archive mapping the narratives of ex-prisoners addressing their personal relation with books; in order to unfold the multiple dimensions that the production of knowledge (and informal educational systems) has in spaces of confinement, through the display of its witnesses: the books and the persons.