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Knowledge Production as A Common Good

Four Faces of Omarska (2011 Grant Honorary Mention)

Four Faces of Omarska project questions the strategies of memorial production from the perspective of those whose knowledge and experience has been subjugated and excluded from public remembrance and public history. How to think the memorial from the present perspective, revealing continuities and discontinuities between all three epochs of the Omarska mining complex and exposing the continuation of segregation politics of concentration camp Omarska from 1992 to this very day, by different means.

The project is constituted of networks of human relations, experiences, opinions and discussions on the three eras and four faces of the Omarska mine:

1. The Omarska mining complex, surface mining site and metal deposits in Bosnia and Herzegovina during socialism;

2. The Omarska camp, a place of mass killings and torture during the 1990s’ wars in the territory of the former Yugoslavia;

3.The Omarska mining complex, owned by the multinational company Arcelor Mittal;

4.Omarska as the filming location of the historical ethno-blockbuster SvetiGeorgijeubivaazdahu [St. George Slays the Dragon], a recent Serbian film production.