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A Measure of Remorse

Hong-An Truong (2011 Grant Honorary Mentions)

Using structuralist filmmaking as an allegory for the relationship between political history and subjective experience, A Measure of Remorse interrogates two events: the making of WWII Nanking atrocities into an historical event, and the 2004 suicide of Iris Chang, author of The Rape of Nanking, which brought overdue attention to Japanese military atrocities committed against the Chinese in WWII, and erupted in controversy when the Japanese scholars challenged the Chang’s research. The installation will include archival footage, photographic images, as well as newly performed and filmed scenes, using digital video, 16mm film, and 35mm slide projection. The project will result in a multi-channel installation that examines the performativity of historical events and the production of historical knowledge simultaneous with its cultural and institutional repression.