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Cda-Projects 2011 Grant for Artistic Research and Production Application Procedure Archive
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Open Call

Cda-Projects Grant is accepting applications to support the production of artistic research projects aimed at critical knowledge production with a transdisciplinary approach. 10,000 Euros will be awarded based on the decision of an international selection committee for the selected project to be completed by July 2012. Cda-Projects will also support a publication after the completion of the project, which will reflect the research and production process. The publication will be completed in the following six months and launched in December 2012.

Cda-Projects is a commercial gallery in İstanbul, which represents established and emerging contemporary artists from Turkey and abroad.

The grant aims at supporting and opening up the discussions on artistic research to an expanded network through an open call. It encourages innovative approaches to how discourse is staged and how knowledge is produced, rethought and interwoven across disciplines. Without any limitations on the content, the proposed inquiries are expected to suggest new forms and methodologies, by reflecting on contexts and conditions of the knowledge produced.

Cda-Projects will also support a publication after the completion of the project that brings together discussions on artistic research undertaken, including types of questions raised, speculative analysis and the final outcome. The publication will be prepared by CDA-Projects in cooperation with the grantee.

Authors (includes artists, curators, writers, thinkers etc…) of any nationality, regardless of age, can propose projects to be carried out individually or collectively.

Applicants can submit an artistic research project that is currently in the production stage or one that is scheduled to be completed during the six‐month period following the date of selection.

How do you apply?
Please send the documents below to
All the submitted documents should be in English.
- Project proposal (maximum 500 words explaining your approach to artistic research, aims and motivations of the research to be carried and the expected outcome)
- Curriculum Vitae
- Portfolio in PDF format
- Time based media should be submitted in low-resolution format via upload and the link should be provided (Not larger than 350MB). If the resolution is important, you can send a DVD with excerpts up to 30 minutes to the address below:
Cda-Projects Grant
İstiklal Cad. Mısır Apt. No:163 K.2 D.5
Beyoğlu / İstanbul
34433 Turkey

The Selection Committee
The invited selection committee members are Hito Steyerl, Anton Vidokle and Pauline J. Yao. İz Öztat will take part in the selection committee as the project manager of the Cda-Projects Grant for Artistic Research and Production.

Hito Steyerl is a documentary filmmaker and author who holds a PhD in Philosophy. Her work, which examines issues such as globalization, feminism, and postcolonial critique comprises film, essays, and installations. She has lectured at Goldsmith’s College, London and the Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, among other institutions. Steyerl’s films include: After the Crash, 2009; Do you speak Spamsoc, 2008; Lovely Andrea, 2007; and November, 2004. Recent exhibitions include: Hito Steyerl, Chisenhale Gallery, London, 2010; FORMER WEST  Research Exhibition Vectors of the Possible, BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht, 2010; A History of Irritated Material, Raven Row, London, 2010; Im Moment des Verdachts (In the Event of Suspicion), 2010, Bielefelder Kunstverein, Bielefeld, 2010; Alles Anders? (Everything Else?), Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna, 2010; and Hito Steyerl, Neuer Berliner Kunstverein (n.b.k.), Berlin, 2009.

Anton Vidokle was born in Moscow and arrived to the U.S. with his parents in 1981, settling on Broome Street on the Lower East Side. His work has been exhibited in shows such as the Venice Biennale, Lyon Biennial, Dakar Biennale, Lodz Biennale, and at Tate Modern, London; Moderna Galerija, Ljubljana; Musée d’art Modern de la Ville de Paris; Museo Carrillo Gil, Mexico City; UCLA Hammer, LA; ICA, Boston; Haus Der Kunst, Munich; P.S.1, New York; among others. With Julieta Aranda, he organized e-flux video rental, which traveled to numerous institutions including Portikus, Frankfurt; KunstWerk, Berlin; Extra City, Antwerp; Carpenter Center, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA; and others. As founding director of e-flux, he has produced projects such as Next Documenta Should Be Curated By An Artist, Do it, Utopia Station poster project, and organized An Image Bank for Everyday Revolutionary Life and Martha Rosler Library. Vidokle initiated research into education as site for artistic practice as co-curator for Manifesta 6, which was canceled. In response to the cancellation, Vidokle set up an independent project in Berlin called Unitednationsplaza—a twelve-month project involving more than a hundred artists, writers, philosophers, and diverse audiences. Located behind a supermarket in East Berlin, UNP’s program featured numerous seminars, lectures, screenings, book presentations and various projects.

Pauline J. Yao is an independent curator and scholar based in Beijing and San Francisco. Born in the U.S., she came to China in the early 1990s to study Chinese and then returned to the States and received her M.A. degree in East Asian Studies and Art History at the University of Chicago. For five years she worked as Assistant Curator of Chinese Art at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco during which time she curated exhibitions of modern and contemporary art, published her writings in various magazines, catalogues and journals, taught courses in the Graduate Program at the California College of the Arts, and frequently traveled to China for independent research. In 2006 she received a Fulbright Grant and relocated to Beijing. In 2007 she received the inaugural CCAA Art Critic Award and subsequently published In Production Mode: Contemporary Art in China (2008). She sits on the editorial board of Yishu Art Journal and Contemporary Art and Investment magazine and helped co-found the storefront art space the Arrow Factory in Beijing in 2008. Yao is one of four curators of the upcoming 2009 Shenzhen Hong Kong Architecture and Urbanism Bi-city Biennale.

Assessment Criteria
Project selection shall be made by comparing the proposals presented in accordance with the following assessment criteria:
- Ability to speculate on what knowledge is and suggest new forms of knowledge production
- Ability to articulate an innovative methodology and form in relation to the content
- Ability to consider artistic problems from a theoretical viewpoint
- Ability to articulate a trandisciplinary approach; creating cooperation among different fields.
- Project feasibility according to the complementary documents provided
- Ability to create new technological assemblages and to work innovatively with technology, which does not have to be necessarily high-tech.
Benefits and Obligations

-10,000 Euros will be paid in three instalments. The first payment of 3000 Euros will be made in January 2012. The grantee is obliged to provide a progress report on March 30th, 2012. If the report demonstrates adequate development of the project, second instalment of the payment will be made as 3000 Euros. The final payment of 4000 Euros will be made, when the project is completed and submitted.
-The grantee is responsible for producing the outcome of the artistic research project that is outlined in the proposal.
-All the material produced with the grant remains the property of the author(s).
-The grantee is responsible for providing Cda-Projects with material and content that was produced during the research process for a publication to be produced by Cda-Projects in cooperation with the grantee.
-When the resulting project is exhibited, the following should be mentioned:
This project has been produced with the support of Cda-Projects Artistic Research and Production Grant in 2011.
All the documents generated should be given to Cda-Projects to be archived.
All the legal responsibility of the content in the publication belongs to the author.
- Selected person or collective undertake(s):
To develop the project between January 1st – June 30th 2012. If not, they shall decline the grant and refund the amount received.
To own the intellectual property rights to the project and guarantee that the work is unpublished and original. If not, they shall decline the grant, refund the amount received and pay an atonement.
- Participation in this grant means full acceptance of the rules regulating it. Failure to comply with any of the obligations contained herein or in the grant award shall result in its immediate cancellation, irrespective of any responsibility that may be incurred.