2013 Grant

Recipient of Cda-Projects Grant for Artistic Research and Production 2013

Cda-Projects Grant for Artistic Research and Production has been awarded to the project titled A Response to a Gesture, proposed by Michael Baers. The awardee was selected unanimously by the invited selection committee members Gerard Byrne, Bassam El Baroni, Irit Rogoff and İz Öztat (Cda-Projects Grant Director).

The selection committee privileged projects that were able to identify and constitute new subjects for research and produce a methodology for relating these to a set of emergent or newly identified archives. It was important to think practice based research away from academic illustration or the documentation of already visible problematics. The ability to imaginatively invent a new language of signification and new forms for such research was equally significant in considering innovative practice based research.

2013 Grant Recipient

Michael Baers

A Response to A Gesture