Cda-Projects Grant Lecture Performance Series

Selçuk Artut

May 17th, 2013, 18:30, 
I know which direction to head for. I will go ahead and start with my head. My head is aching, almost every morning my head pulsates with pain. This pulsation is a symptom of incapability. It is a precaution against walking. Do you know why? Because the first robot that was capable of walking took a single step in exactly thirteen seconds. In exactly thirteen seconds, a space shuttle can travel 100 km. What we call a shuttle is of course not only a space shuttle. Because a shuttle is a hand tool or may be the name of a beloved dessert. Unless you can know what you want to love exactly, does it matter what is used to say what…

Selçuk Artut lives and works in Istanbul. He has received his BSc in Mathematics from Koç University, Istanbul and his MA in Sonic Arts from Middlesex University, London. Currently, he lectures on Sound and Interaction Design, Philosophy of Art and Culture at Sabancı University as a full-time faculty member. His art practice focuses on the mutual impact between technology and the potentials of the human and he is a member of the music group, Replikas.

For Cda-Projects Grant Lecture Performance Series, Burak Delier, Merve Ünsal, Aykan Safoğlu, Jalal Toufic and Selçuk Artut are invited to produce and give lecture performances between January – May 2013 at KAT1.

Each artist interprets the lecture performance format within their own practice and proposes performative strategies of staging discourse. Among the issues that will be discussed in the framework of Cda-Projects Grant Lecture Performance Series are artistic production and how it is marketed, autocensorship, construction of the artistic self, the vicious circle of eternal return and the troubled relationship of art practice in Turkey with the West throughout its history.