Some preliminary pieces from certain tautologies
Erich Pick

Cda-Projects Grant for Artistic Research and Production Events (2011 Grant Honorary Mention)

December 14th, 2012, 18:30 at KAT1

The talk will be in English.
The envisaged video installation Tautological is dealing with Bruno Taut’s socialist and utopic ideas concerning architectural design and urban development, as well as current urban processes within the city of Istanbul, more precisely social housing developments and gated community projects. Key points to connect and juxtapose these two layers, notions of historic garden city movements and references to these made by current urban development movements are used. Integral parts of architectural discourses—such as concepts, sketches, drafts, and advertisements produced by architects and planners—are reworked alongside Pick’s video recordings from dwellings in Germany and Turkey. The video will be accompanied by a narrating voice, music and sound. The latter will be composed by the musician Hauschka aka Volker Bertelmann.

Erich Pick works as an artist and as a curator, and within cultural science, reflecting on aesthetics of space, topology, architecture, and urbanism. He studied Fine Arts at University of Fine Arts of Hamburg / HFBK (Diploma 2007), Energy Engineering (Diploma 1998) and Philosophy at University of Essen. His artistic work comprises and combines different plastic-installation approaches as well as video and sound. He regularly published in the field of technology impact assessment. He did research stays in València, New Delhi, and Istanbul. Since 2009 he is working on a PhD thesis at HFBK Hamburg. From 1998 to 2002 he was scientific assistant at University of Essen, since 2010 he is scientific assistant at HFBK Hamburg, Department Theory and History of Art.